Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

Check out these incredible aerial skills – performed using just a kite, a baord and the wind.

The footage shows professional kiteboarder Eric Rienstra being towed along by his kite and running up jumps in order to perform amazing tricks.

Eric, 29, is from Lake Tahoe, California and has been doing extreme sports for his entire life.

Caters News

Eric said: “My parents are windsurfers so I got into wind sports as a kid. I switched to kiteboarding in 2003 and have been doing it full time since 2006.

“Since I had been Snowboarding and Windsurfing since I was a toddler it was a pretty easy transition but since Kiteboarding is so unique it still took lots of time to perfect.

“During this video I was staying at the URLA Surf House near Izmir, Turkey for a couple weeks and got to have kiteboarding sessions at a couple different beaches.

Caters News

“The Kite Park is one of the only ones in Europe and was a great place to practice for the upcoming tour events.

“When the wind changed we headed to the other side of the peninsula where I found a pretty sweet rock wall to stall on

“I travel the word doing this and I have been sponsored since 2008 and travel on a couple competition tours both judging and competing.

“My videos are more on the creative side rather than skill. While some things I do take a lot of awareness, timing and commitment, there are for sure things that are a lot more technical that I can’t do yet.”