Video Viral

By Harriet Whitehead

This is the moment a kebab shop worker stunned hungry customers with his amazing voice after breaking into song during a 3am karaoke session.

Brandon J Johnstone revealed his star quality during the impromptu early hour performance at his workplace on Saturday.

While rustling up a portion of chips the rosy-cheeked 20-year-old broke into a version of ‘Rise Up’ by soul singer Andra Day.

The special moment at No 10 Pizza and Kebabs in Colne, Lancashire, was caught on camera by Justin Nutter and racked up thousands of views after he shared it on Facebook.

Justin, 45, from Trawden, Lancs, had popped in with wife Joanne, 45, on his way home from celebrating a 30th birthday party.

Justin said: “We went in for a kebab about 3am and this guy just breaks out into song.

“He’s got the karaoke words up on the screen and I was thinking ‘this guy is really good’ so I started filming it.

“He’s singing as he’s putting the pittas on and sorting the chips out – he’s working at the same time.

“I was thinking ‘wow’ and as you do in 2018 you get out your phone and start filming.

“It was quite random but I thought he was brilliant.

“He does his singing and then he runs into the back to get the chips.

“There weren’t many people in there at the time but they were all gobsmacked watching him.

“He’s got a fair voice on him – I think he’s a star in the making.

“I think Simon Cowell needs to pop up to this Colne kebab shop.

“It felt like a special moment. We had a beautiful night and it just finished it off lovely.”

The groundworker said he’d never seen the lad before but bizarrely later discovered they were distant relatives.

Justin said: “I put it on Facebook and a family member told me we were related. His grandad is related to my grandma.

“I could be his manager and we could make it together.

“The video got thousands of views. Hopefully someone sees it and wants to work with the singing kebab shop man.

“Even his name – Brandon J Johnstone – sounds like a singer’s.”

Brandon, from Colne, said he’s worked at the kebab shop full time for a year and has only recently started singing in public after his friend encouraged him to try karaoke.

The keen singer said: “I’ve been singing all my life but just at home. I’ve only recently got the courage to sing in public – I was always worried I would be rubbish.

“I’ve sung in the kebab shop once before. A customer came in and was talking about singing so I put some music on and sang. She said it was good and I should go on Britain’s Got Talent.

“I’ve signed up for it but I’m trying to summon up the courage to go to an audition. I feel like I wouldn’t get through or they wouldn’t like me.

“That night I brought the karaoke version up on the TV screen and sang ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day.

“It’s one of my favourites but the song I really like singing is the Alexandra Burke version of ‘Hallelujah’.

“I was a bit shy afterwards and I was thinking ‘I hope it wasn’t rubbish’.

“I can’t believe the number of views it had on Facebook. I was like ‘wow, how can it get that many?’

“Now people keep coming in and asking me if I’m the lad on Facebook and asking me for a song.”

Brandon, who cited John Legend, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith as some of his favourite artists, said singing has helped him cope.

He added: “When I sing it enlightens me and makes me feel courage in myself – it helps to make me feel better.”