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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

Move over David Beckham – this talented Dalmatian is set to become the world’s next furry football star.

Hilarious footage has emerged of playful pooch George heading the ball back and forth with owner Dan Turner, 30, without fail in an impressive display of doggy determination.

In the adorable video, shot by Dan’s partner Lizzi Fairless, 29, last month in the couple’s home in Milton Keynes, the clever canine can be seen tenaciously heading the ball to Dan with perfect precision.

Lizzi Fairless / Caters News

Substance abuse worker Lizzi revealed her dexterous Dalmatian has always been destined for sports stardom since she adopted him as a rescue pup in 2013.

Lizzi said: “The first time George headed the ball we just couldn’t stop laughing, it caught us completely off guard.

“But then he started getting better and better at it, so we just kept going.

“Now can do it for about a minute or more without dropping the ball.

“He has been practicing for about six months now and we try and beat his record each time. He really loves it.

“I think he could be a famous sports star of a dog one day – the Dalmatian David Beckham.”

Lizzi Fairless / Caters News

George – whose full name is George Michael thanks to his original owner who was a diehard Wham! fan – was put in an animal shelter after his first owner died unexpectedly.

Thankfully, Lizzi and Dan opened their home and hearts to the precious pup, who swiftly became a permanent part of the family.

And it wasn’t long before the dog-loving couple realised their pooch’s innate passion for balls and began doing everything they could to nurture his sporty skills.

Lizzi said: “George will go absolutely crazy for a ball – no matter what kind it is.

Lizzi Fairless / Caters News

“Even if other people in the park are just kicking one around, he will always invite himself into their game and play with them.

“He’s been in love with balls since he was a puppy and will do anything to get close to them.”