Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This adorable little rescue kitty can’t stop sucking its thumb.

Cute tabby kitten Phoenix is just five months old and just like a human baby, he can’t seem to resist the sweet habit.

His owner Wanda Brown Dailey, 71, took this cute video – she say she thinks that little Phoenix does it as a self-soothing mechanism after being rescued from an abusive home.

Retired teacher Wanda, who currently lives in Ohio, said: “Phoenix rising from the ashes of a terrible kittenhood, is growing up to be a very happy, secure, & contented cat.

“I think she does this as a coping or self-soothing mechanism. Who knows, perhaps she was taken from her mommy too soon.

“Sometimes I will find her just sitting on top of my dresser purring very contentedly, sucking her thumb.

“Even if she is not ready to go to bed, all I have to do is play sounds of kittens meowing from my iPhone and she comes running to my supersoft blanket, purring loudly & begins to “nurse” either on my blanket OR on her thumb.

“She is also well versed in making biscuits and purring like a loud engine.

“At the time of filming, Phoenix was about 5 months old. She has always done this since the time I rescued her from an abusive home.”