Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

Canopy pilots and wingsuiters have joined forces to perform this daredevil stunt as they both jump from a plane 13,500 foot above the ground.

Canopy pilot, Iain Jensen, 31, and wingsuiters, Avalon Wolf, 25, Brayden Jones, 29, and Lane Paquin, 28, all joined together so that they  could float down to earth attached to the feet of the pilot.

Pic from Ryan Patrick/Caters News

The daring stunt became a reality in March, last year, at the Skydive City, in Zephyr Hills, Florida.

Lane Paquin said: “The discipline is called Extreme Relative Work or XRW.

“It’s the newest and most exciting discipline in skydiving, having canopy pilots and wingsuiters interacting together would not be possible normally.

“The forward speed of a wingsuit is much much higher than most parachutes.

“However, Iain’s parachute is so small, that it flies fast enough forward and down that a wingsuiter could fly alongside.”

Pic from Ryan Patrick/Caters News

The canopy Pilot exits the aircraft at 13,500ft while the wingsuiters then wait for around ten seconds. This allows the canopy pilot enough time to deploy his parachute.

Lane said: “Once the wingsuiters are out of the plane and spot the canopy pilot, they work their way in. Once in proximity, everything must move slow and smooth.

“After we separate, all the wingsuiters still have to deploy their parachutes. Everyone flys their parachute back to the airport and land safely.

“Emotions were high once we landed, this is groundbreaking stuff.

Pic from Ryan Patrick/Caters News

“It had never been done before done and everything had to be perfect.

“There are a million things that could go wrong. Getting barrel rolled while attached to your buddy’s bare feet is a pretty amazing feeling.”