Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

Watch this remote control car performs its incredible drift parking skills.

The little yellow vehicle zooms and parks in between glasses of wine, without spilling a drop.


The driver, known only as ‘DRIFT 44’ uses his amazing RC skills to create these videos from his home in Kagawa, Japan.

He said: “Drifting car action has many fans, and I was one of those, but there weren’t many videos like these before I started DRIFT44.


“I was really hungry to see the skill types needed for drifting car action, so this took me to thinking of making it myself, and this became trigger for starting my project.

“Making the videos takes different amounts of time. It is changed by difficulty of skill of course, but that’s not the only thing. Because the filming location of my videos is outdoors, filming is affected from various things:  weather, wind, position of the sun, and also if my filming location is in public place.

“Until I got the basic technics down, it needed lots of practice time for upping the percentage of my skill.”