By Hayley Pugh 

Meet Evelyn Marie Seidel, one of the world’s biggest Princess Diana fans and founder of the Lady Di Club.

The 68-year-old has a life-size cut out of her idol, the radio through which she first heard the news of her death in 1997 and a clock which sounds just like Big Ben all on display in her home.

Evelyn launched Germany’s only dedicated fan club 20 years ago, following the tragic death of the princess.


Twice a year – for her birthday and for the anniversary of her death – she travels from her hometown in northwestern Germany to England, to visit either Kensington Palace or the Spencer family estate in Althorp, where Diana was buried.

The royal enthusiast has filled her home with Diana memorabilia including hundreds of pictures, books, photographs, plates and cups.

She also makes various hats, has a life-size cutout of her idol, live recordings of Charles’ and Diana’s wedding and a replica of Diana’s iconic blue sapphire ring which William proposed to Kate with.

Evelyn learnt about Diana’s death over the radio and refused to use the radio since. She has, however, kept it for 20 years as a reminder of that day.

She has met several members of the royal family including Prince William and Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer.


Evelyn, who has family in Leicester, said: “My fascination with Diana probably started when she got engaged to Charles.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t travel to England for the wedding but I was in London for William and Kate’s wedding so that made up for it.

“My fascination with her only became more intense following her death though.

“After her death I heard from several women who I knew collected things and after the initial shock I came up with the idea to organize a meeting for these women. I realised there was a great need for people to get together and talk about the princess.


“The first meeting was nice. We had a cake with a small crown in the middle. I never thought it would last 20 years though.

“There have been many Princesses but no one will forget Diana.

“When I heard about Harry and Meghan I was pleased. I think she is a great match for him. Much better than his previous girlfriends.

“I hope with all my heart Harry finds happiness just like his brother William.”