Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the heartwarming a homeless boy, who’s ‘only ever wanted’ a bed of his own, is surprised by a charitable organisation with a fully furnished bedroom, causing him to breakdown in tears.

For the eight short years of his life, Daeyrs and his mum, Dionna, from Detroit, Michigan, have spent most of the youngster’s childhood flitting from homeless shelter to homeless shelter, after Dionna lost her job and, subsequently, her home.


After several years of on and off homelessness, the trainee nurse and her young son were finally supplied with state housing – but were unable to furnish their new home with anything more than two camp chairs and a blow-up mattress.

This left resilient Daeyrs to sleep on a nest of blankets on the floor.

Only ever wanting a bed of his own, little Daeyrs’ life-long hope was about to become a reality, thanks to Treger Strasberg and her charity organization, Humble Design, who stepped in to turn their new house into their dream home.

Stepping through the front door, the pair’s mouths are left agape as their formerly threadbare living room now finds itself laden with furniture and decor.

Saving the best part of the December 20, 2017, surprise for last, though, overwhelmed Daeyrs is told to cover his eyes before walking into his bedroom: a moment he’s waited eight long years for.


Pulling the hands away from his face, Daeyrs beams a smile of disbelief, as he looks out to see his first-ever bed, which is surrounded by an accompaniment of chairs, cushions, toys and an art set he’s also longed for.

With the delight soon turning to relief, self-proclaimed ‘man of the house’ Daeyrs is quickly overcome with tears, crying into his mother’s stomach, while saying ‘Thank you’ to the Humble Design team for their selfless work.

Founder of the organization, Treger, who oversaw Daeyrs’ dream renovation, said: “They moved into this house but didn’t have any furniture and were sleeping on the floor.


“We were referred to Daeyrs and his mother by a social worker, and our first order of business was to ask them exactly what they would like in their house to make it feel like a home.

“Seeing how much having a bed and his own room meant to Daeyrs, it really made me realise what’s important in life and grateful for everything I have.

“He was so excited to have his own room, but also so overwhelmed by what having this really means for him after all he’s been through – to have a place to stay and just be a normal kid with no worries.


“We furnished and decorated the house from top to bottom with donated furniture and goods from our warehouse – from curtains on the window to kitchen appliances, we cover every detail.

“Now Daeyrs and Dionna have a place they can truly call home and everything can only go up from here.

“Seeing the impact that a stable home has on a family has been life-changing. With every home that we do, we learn a new story of hope and triumph.

“In 2017, we helped 169 families transition out of homeless and abuse shelters.

“We just want to wrap our arms around ever family that needs us, and our goal is to ensure no child has to sleep on their floor.”