Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This pampered pooch makes sure her claws are always SHARP-EI.

Lying on her back at home in Louth, Lincs, Heaven makes sure to have her paws available for owner Joy Bayliss.


As devoted Joy takes a nail file to the seven-month-old’s nails, she treats her just like a salon customer asking, ‘going anywhere nice this year lovey’.

Moving on to Heaven’s front paws, the shar-pei wriggles around happily before receiving some much-needed tummy rubs.

Joy said: “Heaven just loves having her nails filed.


“As a breed, shar-peis ordinarily hate having their claws trimmed so I was wary at first.

“With a lot of love and understanding, I managed to get her to enjoy it.


“It takes longer than just cutting them off, but is much kinder as this doesn’t make them bleed.

“Now we do this grooming daily.”