By Charlotte Nisbet 

An amputee comic has transformed her leg stump into a series of hilarious celebrity faces.

Jackie Hagan, 36, from Fallowfield, Manchester, suddenly lost her left leg after developing agonising blood clots in her ankle.

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But instead of dwelling on her diagnosis, she began drawing on her stump while recovering in hospital.

She used her four months of ‘bed rest’ to recreate a number of well known faces such as David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Harry Potter and The Hulk, on her leg.

And the stand up comedian hasn’t looked back since her amputation and has remained positive throughout by continuing to draw on her stump.

She has even made a theatrical show about it all.

Jackie said: “I started to draw on my leg to distract myself from being in hospital and to pass time.

“I would be in fits of laughter looking at my artistic creations when my visitors came.

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“The first character I drew was Harry Potter as he was easily recognised.

“But I’ve also drawn the man from the Go Compare advert, David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, The Hulk and Dylan Moran.

“I’ve glued all sorts of lovely things to my stump, fairy lights, buttons, and even my back door key in case I lock myself out again.

“I don’t need to be a stereotype of a disabled person and it certainly will never make me unhappy, that’s why I’ve turned it all into a joke.”

Jackie was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis – a rare autoimmune condition that can cause fatal blood clots – in 2013.

PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED:Jackie Hagans (36, from Fallowfield, Manchester) leg stump -The Hulk )Caters News

Since her amputation she has spent a majority of her time in and out of hospital.

She added: “No one knew what was wrong with me for a long time.

“It all started when I noticed my foot had turned white and I began suffering from agonising shooting pains in my leg.

“I was relieved when they decided to amputate as the pain was unbearable but I had to have another operation just weeks later as there was still clots in my leg.

“I have done my best not to allow my condition to affect my mood.

“And in many ways losing my leg has opened up a number of doors for me, my career has taken off and my stump art has stared in its own show.

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“I have never taken myself too seriously and I would tell anyone who has been through an amputation not to feel miserable just because others think you should.”

Jackie is now taking a concoction of medication every day to keep her alive but is doing her best to lead a normal life.

She added: “The medication has caused my teeth to rot and my hair to fall out but I’m still smiling.

“I set up a fundraising page a few months ago as I was hoping for a new false leg.

“My condition causes all sorts of problems so I’ve kept it open to help with all sorts of medical problems.”

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