Offbeat Video


By Harriet Whitehead

This adorable two-year-old shows she knows when the beat drops as she’s filmed raving out with her dad while in his car.

Tiny dancer Brooklyn McCourt was filmed by dad Matty McCourt dancing to a hardcore tune while they were cleaning his car on Friday morning.


The video went viral and attracted thousands of comments after Matty, 29, shared it on Facebook.

In the footage the toddler can be seen sitting in the driving seat swaying to the music before the beat kicks in and she frantically pumps her arms and dances to the track Come Running by DJ Darren Styles.

The song slows down before kicking in again with sassy Brooklyn demonstrating she has impeccable timing.

Matty, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, said: “We were messing about cleaning out the car and I found this old hardcore CD.

“I thought I would do a little video to send to the missus at work.

“She suggested I share it on Facebook and It’s gone mad. I can’t believe all the comments.

“It is just natural. That’s what Brooklyn and me are like. We mess around – me and all the kids.

“Dads are there to play and mess around.”

The groundworker, who has two more children Danny, five, and Brayden, six, said he captured a natural moment to send to Brooklyn’s mum Abby Walker.


Matty said: “It was a spur of the moment thing. How many times can you catch those moments?

“In the video when the beat slows down Brooklyn goes really slowly and then she just goes with it. She knows music quite well. The whole family loves music.

“I just love it. You can see from my reaction it is nothing out of the ordinary. That is how she reacts to most music.

“She has got natural rhythm – the same as my boys.

“She loves dancing and singing. She’ll close her eyes and imitate singing. She’s quite a showgirl.

“I think she will be on the stage when she’s older.”

Matty said Brooklyn loves watching the video back.

He said: “When she sees the video she loves it. She just wants to watch it – she takes the phone off me and starts laughing. She was showing it to her brother and they were both laughing.

“She is always dancing. If we have the TV on and someone starts singing she pulls faces, closes her eyes, opens her mouth and throws her arms out like she’s singing.

“She likes anything really like hardcore, grime and hip hop – something with a beat.

“My little boys love that CD too.


“I shared the video with my friends and they were saying I should make it public – I never dreamed it would go that far.

“She might become an internet sensation.”

And Brooklyn’s already demonstrating she’s got the makings of a diva.

Matty added: “She’s very demanding. She knows how cute she is and how loved she is. She’s got me wrapped around her little finger.”

Abby, 27, said: “I was just at work and receiving my normal messages from Matthew with pictures, video and messages.

“Then I opened the video with her raving and having fun.

“This is just completely normal for Brooklyn and her dad – it’s day-to-day life with our family.

“I’m just amazed at how crazy this has gone on such a natural video of a beautiful bond that was just meant for me.

“Brooklyn’s so funny everyday – she’s like the little clown of our family.”