Life Video

By Ben Walley

This happy couple came up with an egg-cellent way of revealing their baby’s gender.

With their whole family around them at home in Moundsville, West Virginia, USA, Chad McKown explains how he and wife Bria have a dozen eggs in front of them, 11 of which are hard boiled.

Six of them are painted pink for a girl and the rest blue for a boy, the couple start to smash one on their foreheads one by one.

After her second one fails to smash, Bria jokes that ‘Jesus, these are hard’ the suspense builds as the couple get all the way to the tenth egg.

As Chad picks up his tenth egg – a blue one – he says ‘this is it’ and duly cracks the shell all over his head while the whole family celebrates manically.

Bria said: “I’ve never seen Chad’s eyes light up quite like they did when that egg exploded.

“We couldn’t be more excited by the fact it’s a boy.

“After the reveal, it feels even more real now.

“We have so much love for this little guy already.

“It was such a fun night with our family and closest friends.”

The eggs were painted by Bria’s auntie Sally who was the only person who knew the baby’s gender.