Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This daredevil biker found a new way to test his nerve – by performing a naked wheelie along the motorway.

Swedish Johannes Erlands, 26, waited for the perfect moment to start his ride in the seven degree weather of Sweden.

But despite the cool weather, firefighter Johannes said he didn’t feel a thing once he started the stunt.

Johannes said: “The Idea started to grow earlier this summer; everybody knows that you should use protection gear and helmet riding a motorbike.

“I wanted to take it to the edge using no clothes and riding back wheel. This would make every politically correct biker go crazy!

“It was quite cold standing naked waiting for the right opportunity to open up in the traffic jam, it was rush hour 16.30 PM so people were going home from work.

“I was expecting funny and angry comments! People always spend too much time bothering over what others do.

“As soon as I started to ride I didn’t feel any cold. Too much focus and adrenaline. I think the people we met on that day had a good laugh and something funny to tell for dinner, for sure!

“I was really satisfied it went well, I have crashed three times only this season so I know the value of full leather protection.

“Of course I know how bad the impact would have been if I failed, but while performing stunts you can’t think of the danger, that would make you insecure and shaky.

“I’ve been riding seen 2011 and lost my best friend in a bike accident 2012. In hard times and dangerous situations his memory brings me strength to overcome it.”