By Mike Jones

This self-conscious squirrel decided to make sure it’s best side had been captured after a posing up for a cheeky photoshoot.

The rare red squirrel was snapped as he posed up for excited onlookers at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey.

Annah Ross / Caters News

Annah Ross, 51, took the shot of her friend showing the curious squirrel its photo.

Annah said: “I really enjoy photographing the red squirrels as well stay or challenging when you do get a photograph of them it is really quite stunning.

Annah Ross / Caters News

“Drying the spring and summer they have some lovely tops at the end of the years and lovely bushy tails which show up on a photograph really nicely.

“I like all squirrels and do have a nut box in my garden for the local grey squirrels who come regularly to feed from them.

Annah Ross / Caters News

“These photos were taken at the British wildlife Centre in Surrey.  We took our friends John and Hilary Steel out for the day and subsequently on to lunch nearby.

“We really like the British wildlife Centre and have been members for about 10 years.  Hillary had mentioned that she likes red squirrels so we thought it would be a nice treat for her. When we got to the enclosure they were running around and were very friendly.

Annah Ross / Caters News

“It was quite funny on a few occasions that when we did take a photograph they did seem to then run up our arms to as if they were looking at the photograph!”