Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This faithful Golden Retriever proves he is the perfect workout partner as he spots his owner while he lifts weights.

As most of us look make New Years’ resolutions to get fitter, having a puppy pal like Kono would certainly give us some added motivation.

While Jeremy Johnson goes through some chest presses at home in Kissimmee, Florida, USA, on December 30, 2017, the two-year-old pooch puts his front paws all over him.

Tail wagging excitedly and a grin plastered across his face, Kono sits happily on his 30-year-old owner’s while he completes his set.

Jeremy said: “It made me laugh and smile.

“Kono doesn’t know what the words ‘too close’ mean and he loves being near us.

“He loves to join me out in the garage for most of my workouts because it also gives him time to run around outside.

“He’s no distraction and only ‘helps out’ when called to.

“Kono also loves to run, especially with my wife.

“He and his sister Kylie love to play fetch with the ball and to go for long walks at the park or near our home.