Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

These cute foxes were left leafing through a big pile of fallen leaves in a fun game with their rescuers.

After being rejected from a fur farm, eight-month-old Rowyn and Thystle were taken to a rescue centre.

After a depressing start to life, they can now have a lot more fun, as this video shows.

Two sanctuary workers captures the cubs’ attention by rustling a hand under a pile of leaves.

The intrigued foxes’ instincts then kicked in, as they jumped head first into the leaves as if hunting a small rodent.

The video was taken by Mikayla Raines from Saveafox Rescue in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Mikayla said: “These foxes are eight months old. They are rejected pups from fur farms.

“It was the first time they had seen the leaves and I thought it was adorable.

“They kept on jumping into the leaves for about three minutes.”VIDEO SHOWS SHOCKING HAIL STORM IN SOUTH AFRICA