Nature Video

By Ben Walley 

This video shows a ferocious hail storm raining down on a South African suburb.

The footage shows enormous hailstones hammering down on to a woman’s garden and swimming pool.

Diane Spanjaard, 64, captured the footage outside her garden in December 2017, after being shocked at how strong the hailstorm was.

Diane, from Gauteng, South Africa: “Much damage was done in my hometown to cars, roads and trees.

“The roads were very dangerous during the storm and for quite a while after it, and there were quite a lot of road accidents.

“Many roofs of buildings collapsed, and houses were heavily damaged – there were multiple incidents for the emergency services to attend to.

“To me, it was beauty and devastation simultaneously, and it was a quite extraordinary force of nature to witness.

“The hailstorm lasted for about 20 minutes before stopping.”