Video Viral
bike crash

By David Aspinall

This daredevil toddler proved himself to be a real Evil Kneehigh-evil when he crashed his bike for the first time and ran straight over to his dad to see if he had captured it on video.

Daring Josiah Sloan put his head down and pedal to the metal as he cycled past mum Crystal in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, in October 2016.

Having hit top speed, the three-year-old suddenly decides he wants to slow down and skids to bring himself to a halt causing him to fall off the bike and on to the floor.

Ignoring his mum running over to check on him, Josiah heads straight for his laughing father shouting ‘dad, I want to see it, I want to see a video of it’.

Crystal said: “Josiah had been riding his bike since that summer and this was his first bike crash.

“He really didn’t care whether he was hurt or not, he’s just a relaxed kid.

“He never cries if he does get any bumps or scrapes.

“All he wanted to do was watch the video on his dad’s phone, he completely ran past me.”