By Michael Scott 

A photographer has captured New York city as it has never been seen before – with 360-degree images made up of super-high resolution images. News

Dan Piech, from New York, began the project a year ago, taking him a total of 160 hours to produce the final images that include minute details such as residents’ balconies.

He said: “I first needed to find a location from which to gather source material for the skyline.

“After hours researching and scouting locations, I found a perfect place on a rooftop in Queens. News

“This elevated vantage point provided an unobstructed view of the entire undulating Midtown Manhattan skyline.

“A few weeks later on New Years Eve, my assistant and I ascended to the empty rooftop.

“We began exposing the 189 individual images that would eventually comprise this vast photo, each image was only a small section of the overall scene, but together the ensemble represented a full visual catalogue of the scene. News

“We wrapped up shooting around 2am and disassembled our equipment amid a light sprinkling of rain.”

Dan then set about editing the pictures to create the 360 images including iconic architecture such as the Chrysler building and Empire State building.

He said: “Hidden treasures fill the details of the scene: American flags proudly waving in the breeze, New Years Eve parties lighting up windows, architectural flourishes adorning impressive buildings, and more. News

“Crowning the top of the VAST photo is the Empire State Building, keeping watch over the city beneath her.One year after the origination of my idea for this vast photo, I’m finally proud to share it with you.

“I hope it elicits some of the captivating New York energy I worked so hard to capture in it.”