By Jamie Smith

A baby bird has been caught hugging his mum’s beak at just two days old.

The affectionate black skimmer chick was photographed by wildlife fanatic, Thomas Chadwick, 21, from St. Petersburg, Florida, US.

He had been following the nest since before the birds hatched and had watched this chick being bullied by his sibling.

But after being fed a fish by his mum, it appears that the baby bird wanted to say thank you by hugging his mother’s beak.

Pic by Thomas Chadwick/Caters News

Thomas said: “This is my favorite black skimmer bird photo that I have taken in all the years following them.

“This baby bird was bullied by its sibling as it was smaller than the others, he would always eat first, steal meals and peck him until he left the shade under their mum.

“To get out of the Florida heat the baby often used the shadow I casted from lying down near the parent.

“After getting into position, one hour prior to sunrise, and lying there for another hour, the mum flew in directly to the smaller baby giving him the meal first.

“The baby was inches away from me, so I couldn’t get the feeding photo.

“However, after the baby gobbled down the fish, I captured him running up to the parent and giving her a hug.”