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By Lauren Fruen

A TINY puppy born with a cleft lip and palate and a whole host of health problems has defied all the odds to survive.

Little Sasha – who was born in September – has just turned four months old despite only weighing two pounds.

Pic by Caters News

When she was born the litter’s owner called SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast, a centre for animals with special needs in New York.

They contacted Marie DeMarco, who looks after cats with special needs, for help with tube feeding her.

Marie, 46, who runs rescue charity FURRR911, said Sasha now needs life saving surgery.

The pit bull also has hydrocephalus and her brain is only about a third the size it should be.

Pic by Caters News

She also has difficulty walking, breathing problems and developed a urinary tract infection.

In just one day she suffered four seizures before Marie rushed her emergency medical treatment.

But foster owner Marie has hailed the dog a “miracle” for surviving against all the odds.

Marie said: “She’s defying all the odds. For her to survive is an absolute miracle.

Pic by Caters News

“She has had medical conditions. She shouldn’t be her. But she has shown such an amazing and strong will to live.

“We have had so many people wanting to adopt her. But I’ve had her since day one – she is in my heart.”