Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This pair of wacky inventors have left other drone pilots in the dark, creating their own human-sized flying machine using none other than a BATHTUB.

The eye-opening footage of “the world’s first manned flying tub” shows how Johannes and Phillip Mickenbecker managed to successfully get their creation off the ground, flying it around a local gym with a pilot inside.

Pic by The Real Life Guys / Caters

Remote-controlled, the flying machine is a concept that Di Vinci himself would have been proud of, using the same elements of technology as everyday drones – only on a much larger scale.

The brothers – who go by The Real Life Guys on their social media platforms – said they have always had the idea of creating a flying machine, but it was not until the summer of 2017 that they began looking into the possibility of making such an invention a reality.

The most difficult part, Johannes said, was getting ahold of special propellers that could make the bathtub fly in a stable manner.

Real Life Guys’ search for such technology took around two months, and once the propellers had been sourced, the brothers teamed up with friends at a company called Exabotix, who helped them with the flight controls and programming.

Pic by The Real Life Guys / Caters

It was also Exabotix that allowed Johannes and Philipp to test their flying tub in the company’s gym, in Niedersachsen, Germany, after working on the 120HP contraption for two weeks; a company called Conrad Electronics sponsored the creation.

Since posting the video on social media on Christmas Day, the pair have received a number of positive responses, and they hope to take their flying machine outside one day.

Johannes and Philipp said that they required permission from the German government to carry out the experiment, which was approved because the invention was being flown at a height lower than 30 meters.

Philipp said: “The response to our video was very good.

“Most of our subscribers did not believe that we would succeed.

Pic by The Real Life Guys / Caters

“Most thought that we would break our bones – we asked them in a survey before.

“It is the world’s first manned flying bathtub, so it is pretty amazing.

“A lot of our subscribers even told us to start a company selling those bathtub drones.”