Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

A kind Samaritan chronicled his hilarious day after he picked up a roving hitchhiker including their trip to the pub.

While driving past Stonehenge, Wiltshire, on December 30, 2017, Eliot Fisher noticed a guy wearing camouflage and decided to give him a lift.

During their day together, the 24-year-old chronicled his journey with Alexander, who he later found out was Polish, including grabbing him a meal from Subway.

After their meal, Alexander removes a bottle of vodka in the car and takes a few hearty swigs on the way to meet Eliot’s mate for a pub visit.

Following a swift double vodka and pint of lager, Alexander joins in with a game of darts before falling fast asleep in the car on the way back to Eliot’s brother’s house.

Eliot said: Eliot said: “It was the day before New Year’s Eve, so I wanted to help him.

“Nobody deserves to be alone on that day.

“I picked him up around midday and was with him for a good six or seven hours.

“He lived in Southampton but, following a split from a long-term girlfriend, wanted to explore and in my eyes, find happiness.

“All reactions I’ve had have been very positive saying how much of a nice thing it was to do.

“My friends keep saying neither of us could have found a better person as we are both so positive and trustworthy.”

Eliot said Alexander was on his way to Glastonbury because he was told there ‘was a party in a house with the crocodile roof’.

He said: “He said if he doesn’t find it he wanted to go to Wales then Scotland.

“Shortly after driving I asked if he was hungry and said I’d buy him food he insisted I didn’t have to and he had some cheese slices I could share.

“The rest of the journey he told me all about his life, his family and how he feels very bad he didn’t leave them any Christmas presents.

“He had been walking for three weeks by then.”

After driving all the way to Devon to meet Eliot’s friends in the pub, the unlikely pair enjoyed the next few hours before he fell asleep in the car.

Eliot said: “He had already drunk nearly a bottle of vodka says it keeps him warm.

“I let Alex use my card to get drinks to go into the petrol station when I was getting food I gave him my car keys to get something out.

“He was a stranger to me but soon became a close friend.

“At no point did he abuse my card or try to mistreat any trust.

“He even gave me a stone he had collected from Stonehenge to keep me safe.”