By Jamie Smith

A hungry jackal has missed out on a dove dinner after ambushing a group of birds and leaving with nothing but a mouth full of feathers.

Clint Ralph, 55, was visiting the safari at Nossob Waterhole, Kgalagadi, South Africa, when he captured the images in November.

Pic by Clint Ralph/Caters News 

The recycling company owner came across the black backed jackal trying to catch doves at the waterhole.

But despite his best efforts, the jackal can be seen leaping and missing his prey as the birds fly into the air to narrowly avoid his bite.

Clint, from Pretoria, South Africa said: “This jackal spent the morning hiding from the doves who would come in their hundreds to drink.

Pic by Clint Ralph/Caters News 

“Once there were sufficient unwary doves at the water drinking he would attack leaping into the air trying to catch one.

“He kept missing every time he tried but it was wonderful to witness the cycle of life before by lens.

“I’m now sharing my images to give everyone the opportunity to witness it all with me.”