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An Indian bodybuilder who lost his right leg to bone cancer is wowing everyone with his dedication for intense workouts including deadlifts.


Mohit Kumar, 21, has won several Mr India bodybuilding competitions and is now training for the upcoming championship in Thailand.

The young lad stands 6-foot-tall and weighs just 105 lbs but can easily take up to 551 lbs on thighs and 110 pounds on chest.

Because of his awe-inspiring determination and confidence, Mohit has become a sensation in the bodybuilding world in India.

Mohit says: “Everyone is in awe of me. Whether it is gym or competitions, people see me as an inspiration. They come to me for congratulations. They treat me special and respect me for my hard work. The feeling is amazing.”

However, he admits the journey from hospital bed to the gym was not easy.

Mohit was barely 14 years old when cancer attacked his right thigh.

He would often come home complaining severe pain in his knees and sometimes head spins.


Oblivious to the severity of his condition, Mohit’s father Mahendra Singh, 48, a railway ticket agent from Sonepat in Haryana in northern India, relied on quack doctors for months to relieve the pain.

However, the remedies did not help and Mohit’s condition worsened. His leg swelled twice the size and one day he collapsed in school.

Mahendra Singh consulted doctors at government-run hospitals who found complications in his case and advised for a quick surgery.

The doctors removed the cancer stricken portion- one inch above knee and fit in a rod. However, four years later Mohit met with a bike accident in which the rod snapped.

Scared of getting an earful from his father, the callous student kept the accident a secret from his family for two months. But the infection had spread to his whole leg by then.

When he was rushed to doctors, they feared the infection might reach his liver and kidneys and further threaten his life, and advised Mohit to amputate his leg.


Devastated with the advice, Mohit gave in to save his life. For six months, the then teen laid bedridden in hospital.

It was during his solitary days at the hospital that Mohit discovered the sport of bodybuilding and quickly got drawn to it.

He said: “Those six months were most painful years in my life. It was not because I had lost a leg but I was also losing my confidence.

“I would act normal and in fact confidently in front of my parents as they were completely devastated to. In fact,

after the surgery when I regained consciousness, I saw my father, who loves me most, sobbing like a child.

“He was broken to see me without a leg. But I did not cry and instead comforted him.

“I kept carrying a brave face throughout but deep inside I was nervous. I would always think why it happened to me and what will happen to me now?

“I would spend hours scrolling Youtube when I found this exciting bodybuilding videos. I loved the whole idea of working out and getting into shape but every time I thought of that, I got nervous. Will I be even able to walk again or workout at gym.”


However, Mohit’s confidence was back when he read the story of Arunima Sinha-the first Indian amputee to have climbed Mount Everest.

“Her story came as a great teacher. I realised when she can climb the Mount Everest I can definitely workout and play the sport.”

As soon as he got out of the hospital, Mohit started practicing walking with his artificial limb. Within two months he managed to balance on single leg and the third month, he went straight to the gym.

At first he started with 22 pound dumbell but due to weak body, he lacked strength.

But the let down did not deter Mohit’s confidence. He kept coming to gym to the shock of other fitness enthusiasts and practised four hours just lifting the dumbbells for ten minutes each set.

Mohit said: “The first day I went to the gym everyone working out there were shocked of me. Some said it is not a good idea, others kept showing sympathy and telling e what to lift and what exercises to avoid.


“But I was not disappointed with their attitude. It was an obvious reaction so I kept my confidence intact and started working out. The first day was horrible. I had not strength or stamina, I could not even lift the 10 kg dumbell.

“I decided to build my core strength and for that I started working out two hours a day. Gradually I gained enough strength and stamina and now I can dead lift 120 kg, leg press and take up to 250 kg on thigh and 50 kg on chest.”

Mohit warms up for two hours before exercising and is now working on building muscle weight.

“I have won three golds, two bronze and two silver medals in bodybuilding competitions so far but my aim is to win the Mr World championship. The dream is big and the journey is long but I am working hard to achieve it. I only want support from the government as the sport is very expensive.”