Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

Watch as an adorable dog watches cartoons from the comfort of a trampoline.

Woody the Beagle sits on a small trampoline and seems quite content with watching TV instead of playing.

Woody’s owner, Paula Jackson, from Belfast, Ireland, said: “Woody loves to play with my four year old daughter Alisa’s toys, so I’m not surprised he took a liking to her trampoline.

PIC FROM Caters News

“We first bought the trampoline as it was recommended to us by a doctor for Alisa – as she has autism it helps to calm her down.

“He also loves to play with Alisa’s toy cars, and the two of them have loads of fun together.

“We got Woody when he was nine weeks old, and Alisa loves the film Toy Story so she wanted to call him Woody.

“Woody and Alisa are best friends and are double the trouble.

“Woody’s favourite cartoon to watch is The Dog Whisperer, and he watches it most mornings.”