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By Charlotte Regen

A family have shared emotional footage of them being reunited with their puppy who went missing over Christmas.

Jodi O’Shea’s one-year-old dog, Bear, went missing on Boxing Day after he ran away when they were out for a walk.

PIC FROM Caters News 

When the O’Shea family took Bear for a walk, he got scared by a fired gun shot and ran away.

Two days later after searching day and night, the family found Bear freezing and alone in Cranwich Heath, Thetford.

The footage shows the family’s initial reaction to finally being reunited with their missing puppy.

Jodi said: “My mum took Bear for a walk in an enclosed dog walk and a gun shot was fired because people were hunting nearby – this spooked Bear and made him run.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“We searched day and night for him and people we had never met before helped search for him all over Facebook.

“It had been raining, snowing and freezing cold temperatures while Bear was lost and people from all over came to help look for him – it was amazing.

“When we found him, we were all crying happy tears and were so happy that he was alive – we couldn’t believe he’d made it.

PIC FROM Caters News

“After warming him up for 40 minutes his temperature went back to normal and vets said he’s lost a little weight but he’s fine.

“He’s happy to be home!”