Animals Video

By Katy Gill

Dustin Castor was in for a shock when he came home to his Florida house and found bear cubs frolicking in his pool.

The thirty-six-year-old watched and began to record as the little bears wrestled, swam and generally had a brilliant time.

PIC FROM Caters News

With mama bear nowhere in sight, the two fluffy cubs stayed to play for another 15 minutes before ambling off.

Dustin was thrilled to have seen the baby bears and says that most people would consider it a once in a lifetime experience.

He thinks that the bears came in through a missing screen panel that was lost during hurricane Irma.

The marine constructor said: “It was very apparent to me they were playing and really enjoying themselves.

“They seemed to be having a blast until they realized I was home and watching them.

“They casually left after noticing me and seemed bummed I crashed their pool party!

“I have never come home to these cubs in my pool however I have been watching them and their mother since they were born.

PIC FROM Caters News

“They have gotten into mine and my neighbour’s trash before on numerous occasions.

“Bears are very common where I live as well as panthers and deer.

“I didn’t see mama bear on this occasion however I know she wasn’t far away. On all the other occasions I’ve seen these two mama bear was present.

“I wasn’t scared at all I actually found it fascinating watching them. It was quite entertaining!

“Most people would consider this a once in a lifetime experience!

“I originally posted this video for friends to see however the response has been overwhelming. It’s been all positive but I never imagined this blowing up like it has.”