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By Katy Gill

Watch as a hard-working mum is surprised with the trip of her dreams for her 60th birthday present.

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Daughter Lindsey Putnam, 27, planned the trip alongside her sister Allie Tulchinskiy and her brother-in-law Igor, for three years, before finally revealing it to their beloved mother Karen Lovell.

Karen reacts with surprise and delight, and cries tears of joy when she finds out that she’ll soon embark on her first holiday, which is a two-week trip of a lifetime to Scotland.

Lindsey, a nursing assistant from Newtonville, New York, US said:“My mother is love, compassion, and strength incarnate.

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“For nearly 25 years she endured a marriage of abuse and discord, and she worked three jobs to provide for us without hardly seeing a penny for herself.

“She went for years without a birthday or Mother’s Day gift, and she even confessed to me a few years ago that she used to buy herself a gift or two and place just so she’d have something to open on the day.

“My mum loves anything to do with Scotland – her favourite book is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, which heavily features Scotland’s mystique and history.

PIC FROM Caters News

“A little over three years ago when Outlander was released as a TV series, it ignited her fantasies of seeing the mystical Scottish Highlands for herself – but of course, with no savings to her name she never thought it would be possible.

“Allie, Igor and I started planning the trip three years ago, after it clicked that a vacation to Scotland would be the perfect trip for her.

“It was hard keeping it a secret from her, but we used to have to have secret conversations quite a lot about it, which drove my mum mad as she wanted to know what we were talking about!

“We planned it because she really deserves it, she’s an amazing woman who has done so much for her children.”