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By Kirstie Sutheran

This angry neighbour needs to a take a LEAF out of calming book.

The irate man was caught on camera throwing piles of leaves into his neighbour’s garden after they became to much for him.

He repeatedly launched heaps of leaves into his neighbour’s garden, after apparently claiming they did not belong to him.

Karolina Pawlikowski, from Alberta, Canada, caught the disgruntled neighbour’s actions on camera. She has since branded the ‘an idiot’ for his actions and not asking her about how to deal with the problem.

Karolina said: “My children were outside as it was a nice sunny day, I had assigned a job for them that day to rake the leaves.

“The neighbour was blowing the leaves in the yard, and previously when he had done this he threw the leaves over our fence, but this is the first time we saw him do it in front of us.

“When my children spotted him, I confronted him and asked him why he was doing this.

“He said that my leaves were falling in to his yard.

“I told him that it takes more energy to throw them over the fence then to clean them up in to a garbage bag.

“I even offered to give him a garbage bag, and told him that if he would’ve talked to me about it that I would’ve sent my children over there to clean up the leaves, to which he answered that he doesn’t want my garbage bags or children over in his yard.

“He also called me lazy, but I don’t understand what he wants me to do – I can’t exactly rake my trees.

“The guy is an idiot and there’s no talking to him.

“He hasn’t apologised, and I’ve not seen him since.”