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BY Luke Kenton

This adorable doggy must have been on Santa’s nice list this year, after being surprised with an equally adorable furry pup companion.

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12-year-old golden retriever Cash has been a little lonely over the past few years, after owner Marie Ahonen’s other dog, Rosie, died suddenly three years ago.

But the family’s sudden loss didn’t stop Cash FROM being the good boy he’s always been – so Marie decided to reward his good behavior with a special surprise from Santa.

Walking into the lounge with a neatly wrapped box, Cash is noticeably excitable has he begins sniffing the box while following into the room, on December 8th.

But Cash is left literally jumping for joy, as the lid of the box is pushed off by the furry parcel inside, which turns out to be a gorgeous golden retriever puppy, named Jennings.

Caters News

Watching on with tears in her eyes, Marie said: “Cash has been the best dog, but he’s been a little lonely since we lost Rosie.

“So, we decided that we would get Cash an extra special Christmas present.

“He was so excited when the puppy popped out of the box.

“I knew he would be good [with another dog], but I never expected the reaction of pure joy – I had tears watching him.

Caters News

“There’s now so much joy and sparkle in Cash’s eyes, he’s got a new lease of life.

“They’ve been best buds ever since.

“I can’t wait for the rest of the family to see them both together this Christmas.”