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Abandoned kitty

By Luke Kenton

This is the heart-warming moment an abandoned kitty is pulled to safety after spending 24-hours stuck in a gap in a concrete wall.

Peering out from the depths of the darkness through a small opening in the base of the wall, in Los Angeles, California, USA, the poor cat’s cries for help can be heard bellowing out for someone to save him.

Somehow, the curious kitten – named Barney by rescuers – managed to wedge itself in a crack between two concrete walls leaving him with mere hours to live.

Luckily for Barney the misplaced moggy, the SMART Animal Rescue Team armed with a sledgehammer, were able to free him in just 45 minutes, after smashing an opening in the wall to heave him out.

Armando Navarrete, head of the SMART Rescue Team, said: “Barney couldn’t have lasted another day in this situation.

“He had just about enough room for shallow breathing, be we could tell from his cries that he was uncomfortable and desperate to get out.

“He’s now recovering well and is in the care of the man who put out the call to us.”

Having found the gap in the wall, Barney became stuck as it gradually narrowed meaning the extreme compression of his lungs meant he’d soon no longer be able to breathe.

Prior to his rescue, the abandoned kitty was reportedly abandoned by his family whom previously lived at the house where he found himself stuck outside of, often found crying outside of the house most mornings.

Now though, Barney is enjoying life with his new owner and has fully recovered from this ordeal.