Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the heartwarming moment an Indian forest official is seen carrying an elephant calf on his shoulders that he rescued from a canal, in a bid to reunite it with its mother.

The elephant calf was part of a herd and was passing though the forests in Nellimala in Ooty in southern India when it fell into a canal and got stuck in mud.

Its mother had been reportedly damaging vehicles and chasing away people when villagers called in forest officials for help.

The brave wildlife officials rescued the calf and gave it glucose and coconut water before sending it back into the forest for reuniting with its mother.

In the visuals, men wearing camouflaged t-shirts and trousers can be seen comforting the dehydrated and scared calf as it keeps running away from them.

At one moment, a volunteer picks it up on his shoulder and runs back into the forest as it tries to come out on the road.

The calf seemed to have been born just few days ago as it trembled while taking steps.