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By Luke Kenton

Christmas has well and truly come early for this little boy, after his mum and military dad reveal he’s no longer going to be an only child.

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For Blake Pierce, there has only ever been one thing at the top of his Christmas list for the last few years, and that’s to finally become the big brother he’s always dreamed of being.

But with mum, Cori, suffering with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – a hormonal disorder that drastically decreases the likelihood of falling pregnant – the nine-year-old’s aspiration seemed little more than a pipe dream.

That was, however, until November 14, when Cori and dad, Adam, announced they had an early Christmas present waiting for Blake in their dining room at home, in Brainard, Nebraska.

At first, little Blake is left perplexed when he opens the large box to find a series of children’s books inside, laughing along with 30-year-old Adam, a Sergeant in the National guard, who suggests that they need to read more.

But the real meaning behind the remedial books is soon revealed, as Blake holds up a grey T-shirt with the words, ‘This guy is finally going to be a big brother.’

Caters News

Recoiling in confusion at the message, Blake asks, ‘Are we adopting?’, before launching himself into his mother’s arms, overwhelmed by emotion as Cori announces that she’s pregnant.

Cori, who has been battling PCSO since she was 15, said: “Blake has always asked about becoming a big brother, and a lot of others who know him and his temperament know that he would make a great one.

“We’ve been trying for several years to expand our family, but we seemed to have exhausted all types of treatment, and we didn’t want to get into a negative financial situation with IVF.

“We’ve always been very open in telling Blake all the issues we’ve faced trying to get pregnant again, and we had to tell him that it was probably never going to happen.

“Then, on September 19, after not having a cycle for a year, I found out I was pregnant.

“I couldn’t believe it. We went to the store and I did about eight more tests before we both accepted that it was actually happening.

“We both stood there for what seemed like forever holding each other and crying.

“We wanted Blake to be the first to know, but we didn’t want to tell him until the 12-week mark in case of a miscarriage.

Caters News

“This just meant the world to him. It didn’t matter who or how, he just knew he wanted to love, teach and protect another little one in his life.

“Two days before the video, he wrote a persuasive essay in school about ‘talking mum and dad into adopting a brother or sister,’ so we joked with him telling Blake it clearly worked.

“Blake is one of the most loving, empathetic and caring child I have ever met – he’s been storing all of that energy to put into someone that he can truly love as his own.

“It was so special when he came up and hugged me, saying hello to the baby.

“It’s still quite unbelievable. I’m just starting to feel the baby so every day it’s becoming more real.

“Blake decided we didn’t need to find out the gender, as he has no preference on a brother or sister  he just wants someone to look after.

“The baby is due May 31, 2018.”