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By Ben Walley

Harry Styles might not be on the top of every dad’s Christmas list but this one was caught on camera getting very teary and emotional after receiving concert tickets from his daughter as an early present.

One Direction fan, Robert Harper’s hilarious reaction was caught on camera by his daughter, Bailey Darnell.

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The 18-year-old, from Texas, decided to film the emotional present-opening after her dad narrowly missed out on tickets to see his favourite pop star live just a few months ago.

Robert, 41, can be seen sat by the family Christmas tree carefully unwrapping his surprise before realising what he has received.

The oil worker then jumps for joy before covering his face with his hands – appearing to hold back the tears.

Bailey said: “He’s been a fan of 1D since I started getting into them around 2012. Harry is definitely his favourite. I’d say we like Harry Styles about the same but I’m sure my dad would argue that he’s the biggest fan.

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“We went to 1D in 2014. At one point in the show, he was absolutely certain that when he held up the ‘I love you’ sign with one of his hands, Harry saw him. Harry did respond by giving the same sign in our direction.

“While I’m unsure if it was coincidence or if Harry truly did see the gesture, my dad is absolutely certain that it was meant for him alone. He was so excited about it, he even still talks about it.

“I decided to get the tickets for him after he was so upset when he couldn’t go with me back in October. He had no idea that there were still tickets available for the 2018 tour.

“He opened his gift early because he has to go back to work for a trip and will miss out on having Christmas at home with the family.

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“He was kind of down about this but opening the Harry Styles tickets made him feel a lot better about the situation and much happier about what could be a really emotional thing.

“He hasn’t stopped talking about it since he opened them.”