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By Katy Gill

A dark video of a dog trying to eat it’s kitten friend quickly turns playful, when the pooch realises what it’s doing wrong.

This harrowing footage shows Ski the Golden Retriever, lock Euclides the kitten its jaw.

Caters News

Ferociously attacking the kitten, it seems as though there is no hope for one-year-old Euclides – until Ski starts apologising.

Upon realising the potential damage Ski could be causing him, the pooch quickly starts to apologise by showering him with licks of affection.

Caters News

This footage was captured by their owner, Rafael Dazcal, at their home in Modiine Israel.

 Rafael, 37, said: “They play fight all the time – to the point where Ski ‘eats’ Euclides sometimes.

“It seems this is natural behaviour, but Ski is the sweetest, most gentle animal I know.

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“Some people I have shown the video to show real concern, but if they know anything about Golden Retrievers they would know it was completely harmless.

“I actually had to protect Ski from Euclides!”