Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill 

This fascinating footage of a worm eating has been magnified 250 times – giving a unique insight into the intricate digestive tract of the creature.

The video shows the movement of a Oligochaeta worm as it eats algae and was shot under a Biolam microscope.

The incredibly detailed footage was shot by Andrei Savitsky who took up microscopy as a hobby just a couple of months ago.

The 22-year-old, from Cherkassy in the Ukraine, even designed a special phone holder to enable him to capture the video.

PIC FROM Caters News


He said: “As soon as I had a microscope, I became more and more interested in the microcosm and the interest was not lost.

 “I want to show people how interesting this invisible world is.

“I get my material from ponds and rivers. I try to collect water with mud and algae as there are more microorganisms living there.

“I found this specific worm in the mud.

“My friends and relatives really like what I do, they are always interested in watching my videos.”