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By Ben Walley 

This British daredevil and former gymnast shows no fear as he performs a death-defying stunt on the roof of a building 70 storeys high.

In this extraordinary footage, freerunner, David Thomas Nelmes, from Leeds, can be seen standing precariously on the edge of a skyscraper in the Dubai Marina, before fearlessly leaping across huge gaps in the roof of the building.

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The 23-year-old doesn’t even appear to hesitate as he risks his life making his way across the 70-storey building – just one slip from death.

David first got into freerunning after seeing videos on YouTube and has been honing his skills from the tender age of 17.

He said: “I was naturally good and a fast learner, my gymnast background may have also helped.

“When you’ve practiced jumps 10000 times at ground level, it’s only in your mind at height.

“Once you become confident and calm, it’s easy & safe. In the video I was just excited, there wasn’t that much adrenaline once I had done it a few times, so it was easier to push it and do the bigger gaps with each time of trying.

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“I’ve had injuries but nothing really serious. Worse is a broken shoulder & a few minor fractures. It’s actually one of the safest sports and isn’t adrenaline fuelled like the general public think.

“You have to always be in control and calm when doing most movements in this sport and a lot of technique and experience plays a part when you see the viral and ‘high risk’ videos online.

“It’s often safer than ground level because when you attempt something at height you are 100 per cent sure of yourself and mentally prepared to avoid any accidents. Whereas on the ground you are more likely to risk a jump or move because you know it’s unlikely to end in death.

Caters News

“I’ve had six years of training Parkour at ground level and in safer environments which allows me to perform these ‘stunts’ comfortably.

“People should not try this without experience and training.”