Offbeat Video


By Kirstie Sutheran

These golden nuggets look more than a little off colour – they’ve been turned black.

The ‘black hole nuggets,’ which cost £1.42, look like they have been burned to a crisp, but in fact have been covered in black pepper, bamboo charcoal and squid ink.

Norman Nakamura / Caters News

Sold at Lawson stores in Japan to promote a comic book, Space Brothers, the nuggets clearly attract attention in the supermarket and are even hyped up over the shop’s tannoy system.

Norman Nakamura, originally from Canada, shot the video as he was walking around the Shinjuku district in Tokyo, Japan.

Despite their odd appearance, he gave the nuggets a thumbs up.

Norman said: “They are actually surprisingly easy to find. I have visited a total o 10 Lawson stores in five days and they have been available in all locations.

Norman Nakamura / Caters News

“They tasted like normal Japanese kara-age, their fried chicken nuggets. There is no special taste to them despite the colour.

“They are definitely a new food, but I don’t think they’re a new trend. Japan has been known to do things like this. A while back Burger King Japan had an all-black burger.

“They are in fact a promotion for a Japanese manga called Space Brothers.

“People look at them with mild interest. Other people in the convenience store were talking about them in line behind me saying they wanted to try them.

“From what I understand they get their colour from a mix of bamboo charcoal, squid ink, and black pepper.”