Amazing Animals

By Lauren Campbell

Stop giraffing around – an 18ft giraffe has been spotted peeking through windows at a manor.

Photographer, Joe Witkowski, 66, from Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, was visiting the Giraffe Manor, in Kenya,  last year when he captured the world’s tallest animals.

PIC BY Joseph Witkowski/ Caters News

Standing at 18ft, the Giraffe’s can be seen peeking through windows and being fed by visitors.

Giraffe Manor is a small hotel which is also home to a number of endangered giraffes.

Joe Witkowski, who specialises in travel and fight photography said: “You think you have an idea of how large giraffes are but your truly don’t understand it until you are next to them.

PIC BY Joseph Witkowski/ Caters News

“They are wild animals  but also habituated to humans that are willing to feed them.

“The setting at Giraffe Manor is outstanding with their amazing staff, rooms, food and service.

PIC BY Joseph Witkowski/ Caters News

“And you are here for the giraffes.

“The giraffe’s are fed specially formulated pellets.  As long as you have the pellets they are friendly and will come to you.  If you do not have the pellets they have no interest in you.

“We had some luggage issues on arrival and checked in past dinner time.  You would not have known it.

PIC BY Joseph Witkowski/ Caters News

“We were served a full meal with a full staff.  It was my birthday and the chef prepared a beautiful chocolate personalized cake.

“Our travel agent must have communicated that because we did not.

PIC BY Joseph Witkowski/ Caters New

“Having the giraffes walk around elevates the ambiance. Every review we read prior to booking our stay said it is pricey but worth it.  That is true.”