By Lauren Fruen and Jamie Smith 

HOMEOWNERS really would be living life on the edge with this stunning cliff side house.

The home, which is set to be built into a rock face in Calgary, Canada, would also be suspended right over the river below.

LAAV Architects/Caters News

LAAV Architects/Caters News

The unique 484-square-foot home will blend into its surroundings and would have a sunken bedroom, designers say.

Described by its architects an “isolation cabin” the apartment is designed to be constructed out of raw concrete, glass and matte black steel.

The bedroom is located six steps below the kitchen with an opaque-glazed toilette and a shower cabin.

LAAV Architects/Caters News

A small storage space will be located under the kitchen in the square shaped home, which has been named Maralah.

The slopped, partly-submerged roof is planted in order to blend-in with the environment.

A spokesman for Laav architects, who designed the home, said: “It is an isolation cabin, the perfect escape-retreat for a weekend away from the city.

LAAV Architects/Caters News

LAAV Architects/Caters News

“The home is an architectural tribute to the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lautner.

“The shape of Maralah is square, yet with the rotation of 45 degrees it achieves a dynamic relationship with the cliff and the ground and appears as if it has been merged out of the ground during an earthquake, just as its name describes.”