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By Taniya Dutta

This heartwarming video shows a stray pup trying to take first few steps a month after it was found with chopped off paws on an Indian road.

Ganesh Nayak/ Caters News

Champion, an eight-month-old pup was found with mutilated paws and testicles and lying in critical condition on Mira-Bhayandar road in Mumbai, erstwhile Bombay on November 16.

The poor pup was taken to several hospitals before finally reaching Animal Matter to Me, a local NGO where a month after rigorous treatment and care by 16 volunteers, Champion is increasingly showing signs of improvement.

He is also waiting to get prosthetic legs to walk and run again.

Ganesh Nayak, founder of AMTM said: “When he came to us he was unstable and there was no zeal for life.

“With his two front legs chopped & dangling, his genitals were sliced off with sharp instrument.

“While being treated on our table the least we expected from Champion was to wag his tail & lick the hands of person treating him.

“But now he is a happy and healthy dog and has a surprising will to live. He makes us really happy. It is no less than a miracle that he has improved so much in just a month. We are really thankful to the doctors for his treatment.

The barbaric act on Champ had gone viral on social media and numerous of benevolent animal lovers had poured out their heart for the little pup’s treatment.

A mission to nab the cruel offenders was also launched but unfortunately, there has been no success yet.

AMTM had estimated three months for champ’s complete recovery. A sum of £ 1800 was also collected for his treatment which is also being used to design a prosthetic for him.

Ganesh said they are hoping to Cham walking again in early January next year as doctors are designing on prosthetics. However, he asserted they are short of £600 pounds for the overall treatment.

Ganesh Nayak/ Caters News

He said: “From the wounds it clearly indicates its a clear case of cruelty are on purpose inflicted wounds, not an accident.

“Champion is doing great, he is stable and undergoing treatment stage wise for his wounds as per medical protocol.

“We are also happy that Prosthetic front legs are being considered and invitations to all who make the same have been sent for his aid.

“We have consulted with prosthetic specialist Mr Mahamuni for assessing Champion’s wound. As of today his wounds are 85% healed and all the future protocol for his new set of legs are in place. Scanner machines with designing work is initiated.

“We are hopeful of seeing him on his feet by January 2018 with loads of physiotherapy & care.”

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