Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

A hilarious couple revealed the gender of their second child with a video spoof of Beyonce’s ‘If I Were a Boy’.

Upon finding out the gender of their second child, Amanda and Luke Marzano decided to film a creative reveal for their friends and family.

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The couple, who were joined by their two-year-old son Zeke, decided to remake Beyonce’s hit track ‘If I Were a Boy’, by re-working it to ‘We’re Having a Boy’.

The song boasts about the parents joy that they won’t have to purchase new clothes, prom dresses or wedding gowns.

The video was filmed in their family home in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Luke, 31, said: “As soon as we found out the gender, when Amanda was 21 weeks pregnant, we wrote and filmed the video on the same day to tell our friends and family.

Caters News

“On the drive home from the Doctors I started singing ‘We’re Having a Boy’ to the original Beyonce track, and after that I couldn’t think of any other way to announce the gender.

“There has been a lot of great reveals out on social media, so I wanted to do something fun and cool but different.

“The song was so catchy, we figured we had to make it just to have fun with it. So I wrote the lyrics on the way home and then we quickly recorded it when I got home from work.

“We called our parents and told them directly, but we used the video to announce it to the rest of the world.”