Animals Video

By Kim Reader

A giggling pet owner has captured hilarious video of her ‘terrier-torial’ pooch giving a pair of M&S slippers some serious attitude – as they are the spitting image of the doggy diva.


In the funny 32-second footage miniature schnauzer Daisie-Mae can be seen jumping around and barking furiously at her owner Angela Simcock’s fluffy dog slippers.

Angela, 43, bought the faux fur dog mule slippers from Marks and Spencer last year but only put them on for the first time last week when below zero temperatures swept across Britain.

When the accounts manager came down into the kitchen rocking the grey and white puppy pumps, two-year-old Daisie-Mae was far from impressed with her lookalikes.

The sassy schnauzer took one look at the furry footwear before barking and growling at them for ten minutes, according to Angela.

Angela, of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, said: “I hadn’t worn the slippers yet since buying them last year because I usually get too hot but while we had all the snow I thought I would get them out.

“The first time I put them on, I came down into the kitchen and Daisie took one look at them and obviously thought ‘you are not taking my spot’.


“Daisie was not at all keen on her furry lookalikes. She was off barking and growling. It went on for about ten minutes with her chasing me around the kitchen.

“That’s when I decided to start filming. I’m so glad I did. I sent the video straight to my partner and my parents and now so many people have seen it. Everyone has found it absolutely hilarious.

“I definitely think Daisie knew that they look exactly like her. Miniature schnauzers are always very quick to recognise other dogs of the same breed.

“She is so funny. She is a feisty little madam and if she has got something to say she says it. And she was more than happy to express her dislike of these slippers.

“Daisie’s got such a big personality, the house obviously isn’t big enough for her and the slippers.

“People have told me to make sure I don’t leave them unattended because Daisie will definitely tear them apart.”

After a few days of going mad at Angela’s new footwear, outraged Daisie is finally starting to accept the slippers – but still gives her owner an unimpressed scowl if they come to close to her.


Angela, who lives with her 37-year-old partner Steve Bell, said the daft pup is a constant source of entertainment.

Angela said: “Daisie seems to have got used to the slippers now but if you put them next to her she gives you this look to say ‘get them away from me’. She is so funny.

“We had a miniature schnauzer before and we lost her quite suddenly two Christmases ago. We got Daisie soon after because we just couldn’t do without one in the house.

“They are such wonderful dogs. Daisie is the most loving and loyal dog. She follows us around everywhere and loves cuddles.

“She has got such a great character and so much attitude. She is a constant source of entertainment.”