Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

This rhythmic tot has added an adorable edge to the genre of Grime, by rapping Big Shaq’s ‘Man’s Not Hot’ word-for-word, with a serious helping of sass.

Comedian, Michael Dapaah’s song, ‘Man’s Not Hot’, quickly turned into a viral sensation when it was released earlier this year, but pint-sized rapper, Sophia Howard, certainly isn’t joking when she lays down her own fierce rendition of the parody track.


Staring down the camera meaning serious business, six-year-old Sophia, from Worthing, Sussex is hoping to follow in the foot-steps of her ‘hero’, Stormzy, as she recites the iconic lyrics ‘two plus two is four, minus 1 that’s three; quick maths’.

Without missing a single beat, the fearless freestyler continues to ‘stare down the haters’ as she accompanies her fearsome hip-hop flow with sass-clad gestures, before announcing to her audience, ‘You Dun Kno’.

Watching on with pride, Dad, Johnny Howard-Pollard, who’s video of the performance has gone on to reach a million views, said: “Sophia is a real performer.

“She loves all types of music and dance, but her real inspirations are the likes of Stormzy and Little Mix.

“She loves rap music and catchy songs with a good beat.


“She can learn the words to songs so quickly, she’ll know every lyric within a day or two.

“She loves the song ‘Man’s Not Hot’ and often raps along to it in the car.

“We’ll be launching her own Facebook and Instagram pages soon to show off all the other raps and songs she can perform.

“Her younger brother really looks up to her and shares her love for music.

“Her Uncle is a really good rapper and break-dancer – she’s definitely inherited some of his skills.

“Everyone can’t stop telling me how adorable she is and everybody is really look to hearing more from her.”