Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This snake found itself in a very slippery situation – as it was trapped in between some chicken wire.

The Eastern Brown snake, which is the second most venomous in the world, was found by snake catchers wedged between the holes of the chicken wire.

The footage shows snake catcher Andrew Smedley releasing the dangerous animal from the wire and luckily not being bitten himself.

Andrew, from Ipswich, Queensland, said: “My job is a snake catcher, and I get several calls a day to relocate snakes from people’s homes, gardens, roofs, bird aviaries, toilets – you name it, I’ve relocated snakes from everywhere!

“Once the snakes are caught they are relocated to the nearest suitable habitat. Some species require different habitats so I put a lot of thouht into where they are released.

“Every scenario is different and some can be extremely dangerous. But I always remain calm and composed because the minute you hesitate is when mistakes happen.

“I’ve loved snakes since I was younger and I’ve handled them all of my life. Unfortunately snakes are the most feared and misunderstood animal on the planet and my job is to try and change that.”