Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

A creative cat owner has thought of a genius way to keep her kittens from attacking her Christmas tree.

Leititia Robertson, 24, had enough of her kittens attacking her Christmas tree every year, so decided to install a guard train to keep them at bay.

To keep her Christmas tree safe, Leititia, from Southall, Sheffield, installed a remote control train track which circles the tree – forcing the cats to keep their distance.

The footage shows her idea in action, displaying her four cats standing well away from the tree.

Leititia said: “We set up the train to deter the kittens from destroying the tree – and I decided to record their reaction as I knew it would be adorable.

“My four cats, Cosmo, Rocket, Muffin and Bambi, all love to chase the tree around the bottom of the tree – and it only took five minutes to set up.

“However it only worked for ten minutes, as they realised that they could just knock the train off of the track, and Muffin and Bambi just leaped right over the train into the tree.

“Every day since I first had Muffin I would have to put the tree up from the floor and redecorate it – but they’re all obsessed with baubles.

“I find that they have taken them off the tree and carried them to obscure places around the house.”