By Josh Saunders

Incredible close-up shots show a posing stick mantis only noticeable through the lens of a camera because it perfectly blends into its background to disguise itself as hay.

Milind Vachhani, 20, was out shooting nature photographs in the outskirts of his hometown of Gujarat, India, when he recognised the stick-like bug in one of his images.


From there he took several more photographs as the rare creepy crawly posed in the famous ‘praying stance’ and arched its body to replicate the look of hay or twigs

The impressive images reveal the stick mantis’s position, typically the creature is unrecognisable due to its adept camouflage techniques.

Milind, a wildlife photographer, said: “It was a routine weekend for me as going to the different areas of outskirts and other areas for rare and different creatures of nature.

“After few clicks here and there I sat near a hay.

“While cleaning and arranging my camera lens I saw this unique and special creature of nature which can disguise itself as a part of hay.


“After being in a search of something special, I ended up seeing this.

“At first I couldn’t recognise it but at that very time it tried to move itself and I was amazed.

“I quickly gathered my equipment and tried to capture this beauty of nature with different angles.

“The best part according to me in the picture is although nature gave this creature a great feature to disguise itself but seeing my camera, the insect expressed itself to my camera.”