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By Taniya Dutta

An Indian mother gave birth to one in a million conjoined twins but unfortunately, lost them minutes after birth.

Shabana Bano, 34, welcomed the twins-both girls, through caesarean section at Siddhi Vinayak Hospital in Uttar Pradesh in northern India on Saturday morning.

But unfortunately, while one child was stillborn, the other died barely ten minutes after coming into the world.

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Ms Bano, who was conceiving for the ninth time and has six children already, was unaware of carrying twins as she had not undergone sonography throughout the pregnancy.

She had lost her other two children at the time of birth due to unknown disease.

Her husband Mohammed Raza, 50, had only brought her to the private hospital in the early hours of Saturday after she complained of labour pains.

The migrant labour couple had been expecting a natural birth at home like in all her previous pregnancies but when Shabana could not push the baby, the confused couple rushed to the nearby hospital.

Once she gave birth to the twins, not only the illiterate parents but also the doctors were stunned to see the babies were fused together at the stomach.

Dr Kanta Prasad Gupta, Obstetrician who delivered the babies said: ” This is the first such case in this hospital as well as in my career. This is a rare of the rarest cases of conjoined twins.

“The patient had come to us early morning but she was not in pains. It was only after she delivered the babies that we found that she was carrying conjoined twins.

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“Even the mother was shocked to see her kids after the birth. She is extremely poor and had not undergone ultrasound.

“While one baby’s breathing was thin the other child could only survive for ten minutes. It is a rare case of conjoined twins and only occurs in one in a million.

“We have preserved the babies but yet to conduct CT scan to find out if they shared any internal organs.”

The couple is devastated with the loss of their newborns.

Mohammed Raza said: “We had never thought of having such babies. We were excited to have another child but I could not believe when doctors told us we had not one child but twins and they were joint together.

“We had never seen such babies but were ready to accept them. They were beautiful but God has different plans. We are devastated with the death of our girls. It is really painful to come in term with the death of a child.”