Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

A group of rope jumpers have been caught free falling onto a paradise beach.

The footage, filmed in October, captures the moment Bokoch Oleksii and his friends took the plunge to jump off the 590ft cliff.

Pic by Bokoch Oleksii/ Caters News

This is the fifth year in a row, since 2013, that Bokoch has rope jumped from the famous Navagio beach on the Zakynthos island in Greece.

Bokoch said: “The place is perfect, the sea, the sun, and the 590ft height exit for most beautiful jumps in the world!

“Six seconds of free fall and landing right on the beach, it’s amazing.

Pic by Bokoch Oleksii/ Caters News

“We always have the most amazing time, and love having the races, but there is never any winners or losers, only good times to be had.”